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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Mother's Day Out

Our Mother's Day Out (MDO) program is for children 18 months to 2 years old and is offered as a two-day per week program; Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Children may be enrolled for all 4 days. The hours are 9am - 1 pm. The children will have a loosely structured day, with a strong focus on play and social skills as well as working on fine and gross motor skills. A morning snack is provided and the children will have time to explore our recently renovated playground. 


Registration Fee: Current JUMP families:$325 

                                  New Families: $325

2 Days/Week : $2880/year or $320/month

4 Days/Week: $4860/year or $540/month

For more information, please see the MDO Information Sheet and Student Handbook.

Preschool Class


We offer a three-day or five-day per week program for our three year olds. Our Pre-K program for our four and five year olds is offered 5 days per week. The hours are 8:45-1:00.   We also offer extended day, which makes the day from 8am until 2pm, and can be used on an as needed basis or signed up for in advance. The children will follow a daily routine that allows for growth in the fine and gross motor skills as well as the academic and social areas. Letters, numbers, colors, and shapes will be focused on each week, with various learning styles and presentation methods used. A morning snack is provided, and they will bring a lunch from home everyday.  The three, four and five year olds will have PE and music once per week, and the four and five year olds will also have art once per week.


Registration Fee: Current JUMP families:$325 

                                  New Families: $325

3 Days/Week: $3042/year or $338/month

5 Days/Week: $3870/year or $430/month

Extended Day:

Prepay Option:

 2 days/week for 1 session/day=$35/month or 2 sessions/day=$60/month    

 3 days/week for 1 session/day=$50/month or 2 sessions/day=$95/month

 4 days/week for 1 session/day=$65/month or 2 sessions/day=$125/month

5 days/week for 1 session/day=$80/month or 2 sessions/day=$150/month

Per Use:

$6/session (morning or afternoon)

For more information, please see the Preschool Information Sheet and the Student Handbook. 

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